Founded in 2013, Nashel's Event Planning Agency is committed to working with organizations that change the fabric of our society.
We are a passionate company, whose mission is to create platforms to assist the artistic and creative industries through various fundraising efforts.
The belief is that no talent should go to waste; all people should have a chance for tomorrow. Through unity and equality
we try to exemplify this through the motto “One Sound, One Voice, One Heart” . Nashel’s Event Planning Agency's
objective is to raise awareness and funds for grass roots, non-profit organizations, and to continue to contribute positively to our communities.


Nashema Chiverton
Da Rocha

CEO & Owner

Sherries Grossett

Public Relations & Promotions Manager

Angel Hasanzada

Financial Manager

Dorothy Okolo

Social Media & Website Manager

Cindy Pineda

Public Relations Coordinator

Candace Armstrong

Supervisor - Food & Beverage Services

Our Services

In an ever changing, fast-paced world, success is determined by good choices; for a lasting effect,communication is essential. By helping to ease the event planning burden, Nashel’s Event Planning Agency strives to be the best choice for consumers.Through consistent, predictable professionalism, Nashel’s will ensure a worry and hassle-free event at a reasonable price.

We stay in touch with the needs of the market by utilizing the latest technology and trends, all while ensuring the client receives the individual attention they deserve. That is the vision and daily mission of our company.

At Nashel's Event Planning Agency, we take a professional approach to our services. From the planning, conception, progression and fruition/execution of ideas we aim to achieve and please our clients.Our services range from public events such as business seminars/conferences, corporate picnics,boat parties, award ceremonies and fundraising charities
to more intimate gatherings such as weddings, birthdays/anniversaries and graduations.

By combining old fashioned values, going the extra mile, and using cutting-edge technology,Nashel’s Event Planning Agency will lead the market by providing the same consistent,quality - driven results.The high level of expertise and products available to assist our clients in the event planning industry is why our company stands out in a league of its own.



Inception of event

Budgeting/management of finances for event

Clientele selection of Vendors and Partners/Sponsors, Fashion Designers, etc
[includes contract administration, review and negotiation].

Assisting in the booking of Vendors for the event

Etiquette considerations for event

Accomodating out of town hosts, and entertainers for event

Vendors' contract review before and the day of event

Management and supervision of Vendors at event

Facility site tour and/or rehearsal

Review of event itinerary

Full day on-site management/supervision of event

Utilization of online and offline media outlets during the event


At Nashel's Event Planning Agency, we believe in partying with a purpose. Take a look at the advantages of using our business for events.

Support Small Businesses
Small businesses are the backbone of the economy. Through our events, we help promote and create opportunities for small local businesses in the GTA
[Greater Toronto Area].

Give Back to Local Causes
Nashel's Event Planning Agency is committed to working with organizations that change the fabric of our society. Funds that are raised at our events will support local charities that we care about.

Participants' names will be mentioned on our Social Media outlets , corporate website and recognized throughout the event.
For complete coverage and updates of our events log on to our facebook page.



Contact us

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Nashel's Event Planning Agency
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